Wet and Dry Vacuums


From small dry pick-up vacuums to full industrial specification wet or dry, extraction and even hazardous dust professional vacuums.

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  • WV-370
    NUMATIC WV-370 The WV-370’s are, by design, wet or dry vacuum cleaners that perform totally without compromise in either mode. We know full well that when you want to operate as a dry machine performance must be as good as a dry-only machine, with big filters and the option of giant HepaFlo disposab..
  • WV-470
    NUMATIC WV-470 The WV-470 provides a larger alternative to the 370-380 series, with twice the capacity but to the same high performance standard be it wet or dry. What is very important is for professional use we do not mix both the functions of wet and dry operation otherwise the result can be a co..
  • WVD-570
    NUMATIC WVD-570 When the need is for bigger but still portable commercial wet or dry vacuums, the 570 series sets entirely its own standard. First you have the full Structofoam construction, in fact a Numatic first, unmatched worldwide. Structofoam is a material formulation embodying all the strengt..
  • WVD-900
    NUMATIC WVD-900 The professional 900 embodies in a single machine 15 years’ experience in supplying the commercial market from one corner of the globe to the other. The standard 900 series in design, construction and performance is simply something that must be experienced to be believed. The full S..