Warmex has been known as a dependable performer in canned heat cooking fuel. It's clean burning formula provides maximum economy and high heat output. Optimum temperature are reached quickly and maintained throughout the life of any warmex brand product. The new gel formula that eliminates both free liquid and air pockets. This means no risk of spill, no flare-ups when lighting and no sparking or uneven burning as the fuel is consumed.


Average burn time per can is +-3 hrs making it Cost Effective. 
Non Spill Formula reduces risk of spills and subsequent Fires.
Gives a consistent undisturbed uniform flame maintaining the temperature to keep the food warm instead of burning it.
No sooting on the Chafing Dish. Lights easily, burns evenly.
Odourless so No Unpleasant Odours whilst Burning.
Easy to open Lid making it User Friendly.
It's even flame and convenient size makes it the best choice for outdoor catering including safari, parks, beaches.
Eliminates the need for special containers in chafing dishes.
Pack Size : Case of 24 cans or Case of 72 cans.







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