Hygiene Brushware

T.D.K. Hygiene Brushware


390mm/450mm Hygiene Broom Soft & Stiff Bristle
300mm Hygiene Broom Soft & Stiff Bristle
Rectangular Hygiene Scrub Brush
406mm Stiff/Soft Long Handle Brush
Short Handle Utility Brush
Nail Brush
Stainless Steel Hand Brush - 279mm
226mm Detailed Brush 180mm Niche Brush
180mm Niche Brush with Stainless Steel Bristles
Small Scoop - 245mm
Large Scoop - 380mm
Plastic Scraper - Small - 205mm
Plastic Scraper - Large - 250mm
Open Dustpan Banister Brush - 275mm Soft or Stiff Bristle.


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